Customer Success Story
EFFICIENT MAIL Server Migration: secureMessaging SYSTEM OVERNIGHT

A comprehensive solution designed and implemented around the existing old-fashioned mail messaging system and hardware to maximize utilization of investments already done.


The customer, a medium sized business with multiple branch offices in different location, was experiencing problems with their existing mail messaging system. Their existing mail server and operating system were not supported by the original manufacturers for software updates. The users were experiencing software issues as well; and onsite support staff became a necessity even in a small remote office with few users. In short, the IT team was mostly busy in reactive error corrections.

When the project started we were cautioned that though there was a strategy in place to minimize disruption, we should be prepared for downtime in mail and allied services for a day or two. It was a pleasant surprise when I was told that the job has been completed successfully without any user experiencing downtime. Congrats to everyone involved.
    - General Manager,
Technology Services

To overcome the challenge, Vidyatech IT Infrastructure Solutions Team with its experience in server solutions, network, security, storage and messaging proposed a cost effective solution that took into account all the constraints. A comprehensive solution was designed with existing hardware and most of the existing software. A thorough implementation strategy was carefully devised to ensure a smooth migration with no users getting inconvenienced. As part of the solution, an email Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solution was also implemented to reduce the amount of spam. The existing unsupported mail server was successfully upgraded to a newer version in one night, without losing even a single mail.


After successful migration the customer was able to better serve its branch offices and reduce the time the IT team had to spend on errors and connectivity problems.

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