Customer Success Story
Cloud-based Interactive English Language Learning App

NYC English Wins the ComputED Gazette’s 23rd Best Educational Software Award (BESSIES)

Vidyatech developed the interactive English language learning platform and apps that learners from more than two dozen countries use to learn English. The interactive course uses innovative instructional techniques based on the latest technologies, including speech recognition and analysis. The inbuilt LMS enables the learners to track their progress and provides feedback on their speech recordings. As the technology partner, Vidyatech not only designs & develops the product but also maintains & supports the cloud-based platform.


NYC English had a great idea on how English language can be learned efficiently using modern multimedia PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The product targets learners who wish to learn spoken English as a second language.

The initial version of the product that NYC English had developed was provided on a DVD. Product distribution, piracy control, and customer support were becoming huge problems, and the sales and support teams were faced with dissatisfied customers struggling with compatibility issues with the variety of hardware and operating environments they used. Many users were asking for the product that runs on smaller devices that do not support DVDs.

NYC English approached Vidyatech for a solution that not only used leading edge technologies but also worked seamlessly on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, while minimizing the cost of product distribution, deployment, support, and maintenance.

Many computer-based and Internet-based efforts have been impressive but, perhaps, none more so than NYC English Conversation. New to the field (and to the BESSIES, where it won High School ESL/ELL Website for 2017), NYC English brings a definitive 21st Century approach to teaching ELL/ESL… The goal of NYC English is to accelerate learning of conversational English and we believe that, as the designers add to and refine the program, it will truly do just that.

ComputED Gazette

As a technology partner, Vidyatech provided a cloud-based learning platform that enabled learners to use computers (PCs and Macs), popular smartphones (Android, iOS, and Windows), and popular tablets (Android, iOS, and Windows) to access the interactive learning product. Learners in 26 countries today access the product from these devices and use advanced features like speech analysis and native language support.

The cloud-based learning platform comprises a Learning Management System (LMS), an Online Testing System, an Online Store System, and a User License Management System. For institutions that have unreliable internet connections, the solution provides an offline server that periodically syncs with the cloud-based server.

Some of the key features of the platform include:

  • Learners with valid license can switch between the supported devices.
  • Learners can access content in their native language for better understanding.
  • Lessons are available at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  • A placement test enables the learners to assess their English level and select appropriate lessons.
  • The product uses HD videos to enable the learners to learn English in the context of common real world situations.
  • The product uses speech recognition and analysis feature to help learners record their speech and get feedback .
  • Product distributors in various countries can create their own stores in the online store system.
  • Distributors can generate purchase orders, invoices, and product licenses and track the status of the license they have sold.
  • Volume licenses of the learning product can be sold to institutions.
  • Customer organizations that need to integrate the learning product into their portals can use the available APIs.


The product is easy to localize, maintain, and deploy from the cloud. The NYC English app is available in Google Play store, Apple App store, and Windows Marketplace. It is also accessible on popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It is already localized to 19 languages. The sales have grown multi-fold in just over a year.

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