Customer Success Story
Insights on User Behavior on Website

Using Google Analytics, Custom Tagging, and Reporting in an innovative way to get valuable insights from a one-pager website.


The default content tracking in Google Analytics is fairly straight forward. Using the standard page tag they could only get basic information like time on page, bounce rate and page views. As it was a one pager, the bounce rate was always seen as high. The customer wanted to get better insights on their single-page website by tracking a variety of elements on the website. However, all elements on single page website were considered as hits and results were not showing the real picture.

Overall, quite happy with the Analytics reports that I’m getting now. The information in the reports covers what I wanted and it’s time we use the information for continuous enhancement of the site…
…A Stakeholder

Vidyatech Analytics Team implemented advanced custom tagging, and in-page analytics. Based on the identified goals, additional events were tracked and reported. The team also ensured that SEO standards were followed in the website. The website was submitted for indexing and the revised ratings were verified at periodic intervals to understand visitor behavior and the performance and effectiveness of the website in terms of conversion rate.


The customer has detailed reports from Google Analytics for the metrics that they wanted to analyze. The bounce rate has been reduced ~70%. And even though it is a one pager, significant amount of tracking has become possible.

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