Customer Success Story

The customer’s community portal was migrated from Telligent 6.0 to 8.0, a content management platform. The CMS was hosted on Azure.


The customer was facing a lot of problems with maintenance and support of the Telligent based portal. They were finding it extremely difficult to get timely support from the Telligent vendor. Lack of skilled Telligent developers made it worse. Out of frustration they had decided to migrate the website out of Telligent and into Drupal, Kentico, Wordpress, or Joomla platform.

Great job! The migration was smooth, and the new site in Telligent 8.0 looks neat and performs really well. Thanks Team for making it happen…
…A Stakeholder
  • After a careful study of the existing site and the four shortlisted platforms - Drupal, Kentico, Wordpress, and Joomla - Vidyatech proposed that customer can consider moving to the latest version of Telligent.
  • The advantage was that migration would be faster and Vidyatech will be able to provide maintenance and support with their highly skilled CMS experts. Their future plans of pulling content from a linked website and use of their existing databases would become easier. After looking at the cost vs benefit analysis done by Vidyatech, the customer opted to migrate to a Telligent 8.0
  • Vidyatech Team configured the Web server on Azure before upgrading the website directory.

The portal was migrated from Telligent 6.0 to Telligent 8.0 at a cost lower than the other options on the table. As a result of Vidyatech’s high-quality work and technical expertise the customer asked Vidyatech to take over the on-going support from the earlier vendor. Currently, website has a lot of happy visitors.

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