Customer Success Story

iDiscoveri recognized the need for getting together the very best teachers in India to design and develop manuals to transform classroom teaching from kindergarten to 8th grade in the country.

XSEED is the name given to these manuals.


Hundreds of high quality curriculum manuals to be created (in print and online) in time for the coming academic year using teachers who are novice computer users. This meant that on an ongoing basis a manual consisting of hundreds of pages had to be produced each day.

VidyaMagic has helped us manage our entire process of creating instruction manuals for school teachers. We have been able to publish and produce more than 150 titles, with an average of 200 pages in each, with consistent quality and awesome speed. We started the project with layout and design of every page being done on Page Maker and InDesign. It took us 6 to 7 mandays per book, not taking into account the cycle time for editing and proof reading. By using VidyaMagic the layout and design time has reduced to 2 books a day at one station. We were able to turnaround our first project with 150 titles in under 7 months, which could have easily taken more than a year. We have been using VidyaMagic and the services of Vidyatech for the past two years and are currently working on producing the third round of 150+ titles. Using VidyaMagic has made it very simple and easy for us, to publish and present the same content in a digital format. It truly is magic!!!
Co-founder, iDiscoveri
  • Gathered requirements, studied issues & bottle necks in the existing development process.
  • Helped define the short term & long term vision
  • Designed easy templates for teachers (computer novices); outputs continued to be sophisticated.
  • Customized VidyaMagic™ to automatically publish to the professionally designed books.
  • Designed and developed a custom browser for securing online content.
  • Customized VidyaMagic™ to automatically publish the content online in a secure, encrypted format.


  • Now they are able to finalize 2 manuals a day
    (600% productivity improvement!).
  • The online version is now published automatically as a byproduct of book creation.
  • Easy ramp up; gets new teachers going rapidly.

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