Customer Success Story

Solution that assisted SMEs in developing consistent and instructionally sound classroom courseware by following a controlled and structured development process. It had combination of a wizard based adaptive questionnaire and automated checklists to guide the development process through a basic instructional design methodology.


SMEs have extensive knowledge of the technology or subject they practice. However, due to lack of exposure and lack of familiarity with instructional theories and instructional development processes, their efforts usually do not result in effective courseware.

Thanks to all of you for wrapping this up. We have a great product coming out of the box and I look forward to working with you in continuing to build a better eLearning development tool.

  • Studied and identified the existing development process.
  • Developed the tool that provided wizard like interface to present the questionnaire to the SME.
  • Implemented a structured adaptive questionnaire to capture instructional design decisions and strategies based on a predetermined methodology.
  • Identified and implemented checklists to enable SMEs to make decisions based on best practices.
  • Developed the tool that had in-built workflow to help collaborative Task Analysis and then move to course design and then content development.


  • Helped develop consistently good quality training material.
  • Enabled SMEs to follow a standard instructional design methodology and techniques during development even if they have no prior knowledge or skill in it.
  • Enabled SMEs to develop learning that follow necessary corporate standards without having to read up the standards or remember them.

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