Customer Success Story

Solution that facilitated in developing SCORM 1.2, 1.3 and AICC courses using Lectora suite, the solution included a template system that allows user to easily add richness like Glossary, Index, Notepad, Search, Bookmarks, custom navigation elements. It also provided course capabilities like prescriptive learning, progress tracking, and content linking to pre/post assessments.


Facilitate developers to easily create web-based e-learning with rich features without having to code themselves.

  • Template system to work within Lectora Development environment. No direct technical support from Lectora.
  • Tools should be easy to use without any learning needs

Thanks to all of you for wrapping this up. We have a great product coming out of the box and I look forward to working with you in continuing to build a better eLearning development tool.


  • Studied and identified the SCORM 1.2,1.3 and AICC fields available in the third-party LMS that could be customized for template system.
  • Architected, designed and deployed the template system including custom tool that integrates with Lectora.
  • The system enabled user to write course content in Lectora and the template system automatically added rich features at run-time.
  • Integrated pre and post assessments related features and released Template System 2.0.
  • Moved to sustained engineering phase


  • Easy-to-use solution available on PC that easily integrated with Lectora.
  • The solution performed to expectations and is getting used to create many courses.

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