Customer Success Story
Takeover of Faltering Application Maintenance and Support

Sustained Engineering, including bug fixing, documentation, and on-going technical support for users of Chat, Forums, Blogs, and Smart Components.


Chat, Blogging, Forums System developed by customer’s previous vendors had a lot of performance issues. There were numerous user complaints and overall dissatisfaction among the stakeholders with the system. Documentation was minimal and the offshore vendor’s team was finding it difficult to understand the customer’s instructions and requirements due to language issues.

“Thanks for coming to our rescue, Team. The way you went about the whole things was phenomenal right from the start. The way you came in, understood the requirements, and managed the transition to make the applications work for our customers. I really appreciate. Job, well done!”

    Vidyatech discussed with the customer the pain points and expectations before starting interaction with the existing Vendor’s team that maintained Chat, Forums, Blogs, and Smart Components. Vidyatech took charge of the system and performed corrective and preventive actions to make the applications usable and better for a favorable user experience. While working on the new release, Vidyatech also provided technical support to users on the existing system.


With minimal documentation and support from the previous team, Vidyatech Team took charge of the applications and started addressing all the reported issues. The customer started to see the difference and the speed at which user complaints went down. After all the existing issues were fixed and documentation completed, Vidyatech took charge of the ongoing maintenance and technical support of all the applications.

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