Customer Success Story

The Online Testing System (OTS) was deployed at several education institutions and corporates, and was catering to their formative/summative testing and assessment requirements. The system comprised of Question Banks, used for creating Test Papers. It also included personal details and scores of candidates. Availability, confidentiality, and integrity of data (including audio etc.) is extremely vital and considered business critical.


Separate deployment of OTS was having its own challenges as Managing and Maintaining, deployments at remote location was becoming difficult.
Server configurations and infrastructure, particularly in education institutes, were insufficient and unpredictable. To provide a better customer experience and putting an end to the technical problems our customers were facing, it was decided to migrate the users as well as the data on the cloud i.e. Azure, and have a centralized repository.

..I am glad to report that it a very robust and easy to use system. This can also be used for T&D and other learning needs…

Sr. Manager- India Hiring Lead

Vidyatech migrated the existing database on to the cloud. Migrating the database and maintaining it, ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties was critical. Vidyatech developed custom scripts, macros, and utilities over and above the database migrations options already available to process seamlessly and reliably.


Once on the cloud-based platform, the performance of OTS improved and it became QuizMagic - a one-stop, smart, user-friendly, hosted solution for all kinds of online testing – Summative Test, Formative Test, Mock Test, Practice Test, Recruitment Test, Employee Assessment, Recreational Quizzing, and more..
Currently, QuizMagic is successfully running at and addressing the learning requirements of thousands on inquisitive visitors. Moreover, it continues to enjoy the patronage of several education institutes and corporates for their training and recruitment needs too. There is App version too which is also a big hit.

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