Customer Success Story
Mission Dashboard for Government of India

A portal with automated workflows and publishing tools to manage project proposal creation, submission, and project monitoring.


Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) of Indian Government has a comprehensive and strict process for review and approval of project proposals submitted by faculty members of various Universities. However, this process was completely manual and time consuming. Since faculty members were spread all over India, it was difficult to get them to submit all information in structured and timely manner.

I am sure most of you by now have seen the various links, specially the ones with the President holding his tablet to showcase our Dashboard. The event was a great success and I would like to thank you for the tremendous work you all have put in towards this project. Special mention to Vidyatech SharePoint Team Members, who religiously took on each and every customer CR, completed the development no matter what time of the day or night, fully tested it and released a new version supporting multiple OS and devices. MHRD kept changing the design, the script, the screens as late as this morning and yet Vidyatech team maintained their cool and supported me no matter what the ASK was. Thank you for your support to our activities towards the National Education Day on 11th Nov 2012.

Vidyatech interviewed the key stakeholders to gather and study all the requirements. They designed process workflows that would replace the current manual process. The online portal with workflow management features was developed in Microsoft SharePoint. The solution automated the project proposal development process, including the process of recording minutes of the review meetings and tracking progress. Monitoring and alerting tools were developed to keep all stakeholders informed about the project health. Some key features include Role Based Dashboards, Custom Workflows, and Role-wise Task lists. The portal Vidyatech developed had two main parts:

  • Proposal Management: Covers all the tasks performed before a project is approved for execution.
  • Project Management: Covers all the tasks performed after a project is approved. It goes all the way through execution to closure of the project.

End-to-end system for project process in MHRD. This has helped in increasing efficiency and in streamlining the management process. Overall time to submit the proposals was shortened with additional benefits of automated tracking and reminders that kept the team on their toes.

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