Customer Success Story
Innovative Integration Leads to Easier SharePoint Adoption

Users reluctant to use Intranet SharePoint sites given an innovative way to seamlessly work from their favorite desktop application.


Customer has offices at different locations and their teams collaborate remotely on their projects. The managers wanted to get up-to-date data on project status, effort spending, budget, and micro task completion status. They decided on SharePoint platform but were concerned if members will use it daily to ensure accuracy of data. Many times people may be working at client sites or remote locations from where connecting through a VPN can be impractical.
Easy way to record minutes, log requirements, track efforts, and generate reports was important to ensure the success of any solution to this problem.

This is great! I never thought we could use a basic tool like Outlook as an input terminal for SharePoint. Now I don’t need to spend hours and sometimes days to create up-to-date detailed status reports for Management Reviews.


Vidyatech’s SharePoint Development Team figured out an innovative solution. It was found that all employees were always on Microsoft Outlook irrespective of their location. Vidyatech decided to create an Outlook based UI for the SharePoint application. Now employees could provide status and get updates right inside Outlook alongside all other business emails. Custom Outlook forms were created to simplify not only time tracking and project status reporting but also a host of other activities such as Requirement Definition, Meeting Minutes Recording, Employee Appraisal, Project Resource Loading, and so on. Working from remote areas did not need VPN and could be done through simple Internet connection that allowed email to function.

  • Outlook became the one-stop-application for all operations work.
  • Training time was cut down by 90%.
  • Status updates are in by end of day.
  • Managers get reports right from Outlook.
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