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Content TechnologyVidyatech is a technology partner to many of the world’s leading organizations that produce learning and content for variety of delivery media. We help businesses improve their performance through use of technology for learning and knowledge management.

For these global leaders, we have developed and deployed a number of innovative solutions including eLearning platforms, mLearning platforms, Online Assessment Systems, Learning Management Systems, One Source to Multiple Format Publishing Systems, Digital Asset Management Systems, Automated Proof Reading and Standardization Tools, Instructional Design Support System, and so on.

Further, when Technology evolves and platforms change; migrating existing content to new technology and platforms becomes a huge challenge. Migration of volumes of content in different content management systems, platforms, formats, and technology can become a nightmare – unless handled smartly with systematic processes and specialized automation tools, and by experts who have content publishing and site migration experience. We have enabled organizations to migrate large volumes of online content from one platform/CMS to another in record time and costs. We have also provided unique solutions and services to migrate content and learning assets from unsupported, proprietary, legacy CBT technologies to modern eLearning platforms and systems. In most cases, the scope of such projects includes conversion the content from large footprint formats to small footprint formats.

Vidyatech has also been a preferred partner for global content and eLearning producers for innovative productivity and automation solutions for the content and eLearning development life cycle. This includes extending and customizing the third party technologies and systems they use.

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