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Cyber Security

Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, IT Audit and Compliance, Training

CyberSecurity ImageWith IT trends ever-changing, cyber-crimes on the rise, and loopholes in IT network and processes – you and me - conduct our businesses with Security Risks all around us. At times, to our dismay, we become victims to security breaches, hacking, and threats– be it due to targeted attacks or mere ignorance or complacency. And, if and when we do end up getting exploited, it is then we truly realize and regret the significant loss of time, money, and peace of mind. Cyber Security is a critical prerequisite for small and large organizations and must be linked to business risk mitigation and compliance processes.

Vidyatech offers a range of Cyber Security services to protect your assets and reputation, and comply with standards and regulations. Vidyatech will assess the current state of your cyber security and recommend realistic, practical solutions to help deter intrusions, misuse, computer fraud, and industrial espionage while ensuring compliance to regulations. Vidyatech can also help you implement, manage, and maintain third party Security solutions. We are a preferred partner to deliver services that demonstrate measurable results and help customers confidently deploy secure platforms and technologies that can improve operations and reduce costs.

Our Services Currently Include

Application & Network Vulnerability Assessment

Vidyatech professionals understand Security risks and their implications on user experience and overall business. That’s why, we neither enforce a set check points nor do we check in a set mechanism. Our professionals work with you and architect a custom strategy specific to your environment. Vidyatech checks key areas to determine the extent of your network's exposure to external or internal attack and assess the effectiveness of your existing safeguards in providing the level of protection you desire. Application and/or Network Vulnerabilities are caught using a blend of automated tools and manual techniques, which are analyzed and assessed. Vidyatech professionals walk you through the findings, helping you understand the potential root cause and most favorable method of protecting your personal and professional data for business continuity.

Information Technology & Cyber Security Audit

We understand the mission and vision, goals and operating strategies of the organization at the start of any IT Security Audit exercise. By interviewing stakeholders, reviewing documents, and interdependencies of systems etc., and observing actual implementation and practices followed on the site, Vidyatech professionals are able to find gaps and also assess of the health of the IT facilities and practices. At the end of Audit, an IT Audit and Assessment report is submitted with findings as well as recommendations for corrective and preventive measures for security and compliance.

Cyber Security Training for IT professionals

Often end users are the weakest link that attackers exploit. Phishing attacks and URL hijacking lead end users to take actions that enable attackers to bypass the entire security infrastructure and gain access to your data and assets. With advanced persistent threats and sophisticated phishing attacks becoming prevalent, end-user education has become a crucial part of any organization’s security stance. We provide training to end users on how to identify and avoid these threats. We start with basics and pre-requisites, and gradually delve deeper into the topics to that the learning objectives are met. The instructor trains using handouts as well as exercises. There are practices and tests, too.

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