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Analytics & BI

Analytics solutions for valuable insights and better decisions

Analytics for Business Growth

Today, corporations have enormous information and data from a variety of sources. A critical need in this situation is for solutions that enable you to get valuable insights from this deluge of data and take timely business decisions. Analytics (Data/Web) solutions have now become a necessity for smart business. There are no one-size-fits-all analytics solutions. Vidyatech has experience of integrating analytics solutions that provide dashboards, analytics, and alerts to engage users on the move.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Vidyatech Customized Approach

Since 2001, Vidyatech has been developing innovative solutions that help maneuver unstructured data, and this expertise and experience comes handy in providing creative solutions. Vidyatech’s Analytics services will help you get valuable insights from your structured and unstructured data. With long-proven ability to provide high quality custom solutions to global organizations, we will work closely with your team to design and develop solutions that are just what you wanted for efficient business decisions.

Our Analytics & BI Services

  • Data Mining and Integration
  • Data Analysis
  • Data/BI Reporting
  • Define Web Strategy
  • Tag Management
  • Web Analytics Reporting