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International Product, Local Flavor

With companies expanding their footprints across the globe, the concept of localization has been gaining unprecedented prominence. Talking to the potential customers and making them understand your product in their languages is crucial for holistic business growth. Simple translations are no more the requirements.

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Vidyatech Customized Approach

Localization Team

Localization Services

Localization Team

Often, the content needs to be integrated with an eLearning or software application once localized. Vidyatech does it all. We have worked with the global giants to make their products suitable for non-English speaking countries.

Vidyatech specializes in localizing applications in over 100 locales.

Our team of developers along with our language experts and proficient native translators/voiceover artists believe in creating a specialized version of the product per the target country’s culture, sentiments, and linguistic conventions.

Localization Services

Among other services, we provide localization for audio-visual material. It includes translating presentations, e-learning software and applications, corporate training, multimedia marketing materials, and other instructional information.

Additionally, our team of proofreaders rechecks the accuracy and completeness to ensure the localization process does not affect the meaning of the content. Further, once the localized content is integrated, our Quality Assurance specialists test to ensure the software works seamlessly with the localized content too.

Our localization services include:

  • Translation Services
  • Application Localization
  • Localization Testing
  • Localized Media
  • Content Localization
  • Proofreading

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