Customer Success Story

Holographic Art Gallery - Windows Mixed Reality-based app

Typically, when you buy art online you have questions such as “How much space will this painting take on my wall?” or “Will my wall look too busy after I hang this painting?” or “Will this frame go well with my wall color?” and so on. The Holographic Art Gallery, an application based on Windows Mixed Reality, enables art lovers to buy art online with the confidence that their purchase is going to go well with their home interior. Using this app, an art lover can select a painting and place the painting on their wall as augmented reality. They can try a variety of frames till they find the best in terms of frame color, width, and material.

Vidyatech is always aware of emerging technologies and the latest trends, and autodidactic at the same time. They know how to use it as business proposition. HoloLens with unity 3D is one of those emerging technologies and how impressively they are using it, it is amazing. It’s impressive and we are extremely positive about it. These guys can really create a mutual positive impact on business.

Business Head, US-based organization



The online painting buyers usually complain that either the painting does not look ‘good’ on their wall, or the frame was not complementing their internal decor, or the painting was much bigger or smaller than what they thought it would be. The ‘return if you don’t like’ policy can encourage the customer to buy but if they end up returning couple of times, they will lose faith in this method of purchase. The logistical cost for the seller will also become unbearable in very short time.


This problem can be addressed to a large extent by augmented reality. Our experts in HoloLens, suggested an augmented reality application that could provide prospective buyers a 3D hologram of the painting in their homes. The 3D hologram of the painting is placed on their choice of wall in a way that they can get a clear idea of the proportion of the painting vis-à-vis their wall area and sizes of other items in the room. The real-time view can help them make more informed buying decisions.

How we used HoloLens to create a unique application?

Leveraging our capabilities in HoloLens, our experts created an art gallery from where art enthusiasts can buy artwork online.

  • The application enables a prospective buyer to place an artwork on the wall/surface of choice.
  • The buyer can check the size and color compatibility of the artwork with their home interiors.


  • Painting catalogue that uses Mixed Reality
  • Interactive screens to select and try frames
  • Gaze, pinch, gesture, and voice commands
  • Anchoring and 3D Modelling
  • Context sensitive guidance

Key Technologies:

  • Unity
  • Microsoft HoloLens SDK
  • Voice recognition
  • Spatial mapping
  • Augmented reality concepts

What’s Next?

Vidyatech uses this kind of work to develop and test their suite of software components and modules that are then used to provide cost and time advantages to its customer projects.


  • Pilot project received an overwhelming response
  • Tried and tested components that can be easily deployed in augmented reality projects
  • Cost effective development for customers
  • Faster Go To Market solutions for customers

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