Customer Success Story


A comprehensive solution designed and implemented to turn the prevailing obsolete mail messaging system into an advanced setup by utilizing existing hardware and software.

When the project started, we were cautioned that though there was a strategy in place to minimize disruption, we should be prepared for downtime in mail and allied services for a day or two. It was a pleasant surprise when I was told that the job has been completed successfully without any user experiencing downtime. Congrats to everyone involved.

General Manager, Technology Services



The customer, a medium-sized enterprise with multiple branch offices in various locations, was experiencing numerous problems with their existing mail messaging system.

Original manufacturers were not supporting the mail server and operating system. There were no software updates and the users were often facing software issues.

Due to this, onsite support staff became a necessity even in a small remote office. The IT team was mostly busy in reactive rectifications leading to operational losses.


Vidyatech IT Infrastructure Solutions Team, with its expertise in server solutions, network, security, storage, and messaging, designed a cost-effective solution that considered all the issues and constraints.

Our team of experts carefully devised an implementation strategy to ensure a smooth migration with minimum interruptions or inconvenience to the end users. As part of the strategy, an email Antivirus and Antispam solution for the enterprise was also implemented.

The existing unsupported email server was successfully upgraded to the latest version within 24 hours.

Without losing even a single email, the conventional mail messaging mechanism was turned into an advanced and sophisticated system.


Successful conversion resulted in better mail messaging system.

  • Effective communication across branches
  • Reduced error and connectivity problems
  • Significant reduction in operational costs
  • Lesser spam and virus threats
  • More organized set-up

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