An interactive English language learning platform and apps (Best Educational Software Award Winner) that learners from more than two dozen countries use to learn English. The interactive course uses innovative instructional techniques based on the latest technologies, including speech recognition and analysis. The inbuilt LMS enables the learners to track their progress and provides feedback on their speech recordings.



NYC English product was DVD-based. However, NYCE wanted it to be scaled up using modern multimedia PCs, tablets, and smartphones, while minimizing the cost of product distribution, deployment, and maintenance. Piracy control and customer support were becoming huge problems, and the sales and support teams were faced with dissatisfied customers struggling with compatibility issues with the variety of hardware and operating environments they used.


Vidyatech provided a cloud-based learning platform that enabled learners to use computers (PCs and Macs), popular smartphones (Android, iOS, and Windows), and popular tablets (Android, iOS, and Windows) to access the interactive learning product.

The cloud-based learning platform includes a Learning Management System (LMS), an Online Testing System, an Online Store System, and a User License Management System.

For institutions that have unreliable internet connections, the solution provides an offline server that periodically syncs with the cloud-based server.

Learners from 26 countries access the product from their devices and use advanced features like HD videos, speech recognition & analysis, native language support, and APIs that can be integrated with customer’s portal.


  • Easy to localize, maintain, and deploy from the cloud.
  • Available in Google Play store, Apple App store, and Windows Marketplace.
  • Accessible on popular browsers such as IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
  • Localized to 19 languages.
  • Multi-fold increase in reach and sales.

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