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DrillMagiq™ Ransomware Simulator

DrillMagiq™ Ransomware Simulator, developed to simulate a Ransomware attack, is an innovative training solution to improve effectiveness of Corporate Cybersecurity Awareness Training programs. The report generated by the simulator lists the employees who were not cautious and fell into the trap of the ransomware simulation program. It helps the HR & Training Department to focus on their retraining programs.

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In today’s world, the biggest concern of all big and small organizations is protecting their networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Our customer, a large global services organization, was concerned about protecting their data from cyber-attack, especially ransomware. Ransomware threatens to publish, destroy the victim's data, or permanently block access to it unless ransom is paid. The malicious software attacks using a Trojan that disguises as a harmless file, which the user is lured into downloading or opening when it arrives as an email attachment.

Even though, our customer had put their employees through their Corporate Cybersecurity Awareness Training, they were unsure if employees had understood the risks and would be cautious enough in their day-to-day use of email and other communication platforms.


Vidyatech’s Cybersecurity experts understood the customer’s concerns and came up with an innovative ransomware simulator. We worked with the IT team of the customer to send out the simulator as disguised email attachments to all the employees.

The email was sent in the disguise of harmless sales campaign messages with attached free coupons. The employees who made the mistake of opening the attachment got a scare when the DrillMagiq™ Ransomware Simulator froze their computers and displayed a “Your files have been encrypted” kind of scary message.

This message stays on the screen for next 15 seconds. After that, the application closes automatically.

The machine starts functioning normally, informing the employees that they had experienced a simulation of ransomware attack on their machines and at the same time warning them that this could have been a Real Attack. An automatic report, which identified the employees who clicked on the attachment, was sent to the Education and IT departments as non-conformance and required corrective actions were taken.


With every drill, DrillMagiq™ Ransomware Simulator strengthens the organization’s defense against ransomware attacks.

  • 100% harmless simulation of a real ransomware attack
  • Quick look at the effectiveness of the organization’s existing network protection
  • Collects valuable readiness information to provide targeted training to employees
  • Results in a few minutes!

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