Customer Success Story


Online Domain Checker, an online tool that automatically searched for politically incorrect words in a domain and listed the page URLs, which contained objectionable words. The tool helped fix content typos or errors, thereby preventing publishing of inappropriate content that could cause legal or cultural damages.

I am much relieved to have such a tool to scan web pages and fix objectionable words well before public release.

Senior Project Manager, Seattle-based IT major



The customer’s Support Team interacted with their users through different community websites, forums, and blogs who objected to the use of politically incorrect words in content.

Since such words are always annoying and may bring bad name to website owner, it became essential for the customer to check their available online content for such issues.

However, one of the main concerns was how to locate and block politically objectionable words on different web pages.

The need was to find a solution that could quickly analyze the content to identify such words.


After understanding the customer’s pain points, Vidyatech Analytics Team developed Online Domain Checker to automatically search words within a domain and list the page URLs that contained objectionable words.

A database of objectionable words available in our online proofreading application was used as the base list and additional items were added during the periodic scans done by the tool.

The solution used Google and Bing Search APIs to get the results.


With the help of the automated tool, many offensive words were located and addressed before they became embarrassing instances discussed on social media.

  • In-time reporting of objectionable words
  • Better content management
  • Higher levels of editing and QA

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