Customer Success Story


A centrally managed web-based eLearning portal to teach English as a Second Language. The customer had a highly interactive computer-based training (CBT) to teach English. The CDs of the CBT were distributed in schools across the United States and Latin America. The portal made it easier to reach out to the learners.

It’s been a tough period for us. Competitors’ market shares were growing. We desperately needed a solution that could save us. We wanted a new platform for our existing CBTs and VT guys took no time in understanding our problem and providing us with an e-learning portal.

Product Manager, Seattle-based Organization



The customer was facing a stiff competition, as the existing and new competitors were frequently launching modern web playable eLearning in the market.

Their CBT looked obsolete as compared to any web-based e-learnings. It had become too complex to manage or update.

Moreover, it was also getting difficult to recruit and retain skilled programmers in the legacy authoring system. All these factors were resulting in huge deployment and support cost.


Our team of instructional designers and software developers analyzed the CBT and identified existing issues and new requirements.

We architected a centrally managed web-based e-learning portal that provided learner management, eLearning course delivery, learning plan management, and detailed reporting.

After templatizing over 40 models of interactivity, we converted all CBT titles into interactive e-learning titles.


An easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain e-learning portal was developed.

  • Better user experience
  • Less time and skills required to update course
  • Significant savings in deployment and support costs
  • Improved sales
  • More organized setup

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