Customer Success Story


The customer’s Flash-based website was migrated to Joomla. The new website is faster and more interactive.

The site was revamped to meet all search engine optimization (SEO) requirements to attain higher ranking on Google and other search engines.

Congratulations! The Joomla-version of the website looks classy. And, the fact that it makes updates easier and faster with no dependence on programmers – is a big relief to the business development team.

Senior Manager, Marketing & Business Development



Since the existing website was Flash-based, it had begun to look outdated. There were many unaddressed issues and concerns related to the SEO and content updates.

Overall, the website’s maintenance and management were becoming an ‘extra tedious’ task, as the developers who developed the website were involved in other higher priority assignments. They were often unavailable to attend to and address the website update requirements.


To ensure the latest website did not have the same shortcomings as the Flash-based previous version had, our team worked closely with the stakeholders. We thoroughly studied and understood their pain points and unfulfilled requirements before designing the plan for the new website. The company’s brand identity and vision were also kept in mind.

Thereafter, we prepared a website revamping plan and created wireframes and mock-ups, which were presented to the stakeholders for their value additions. When signed-off, the design for the new website was finalized.

After the comparative analysis of WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, our team selected Joomla, which was instantaneously approved by the customer.


Joomla-based website was jazzy and interactive.

  • Faster website
  • Easy-to-maintain and update
  • Better site architecture
  • Higher SEO ranking

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