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CMS MIGRATION & CUSTOMIZATION: Training & Certification Portal

A community portal that enables IT experts and Microsoft certified professionals to gain and exchange technical knowledge on Microsoft training and certification, was migrated to the latest version of Telligent. Vidyatech continues to support and maintain the portal till date. The portal was successfully hosted on Azure much before Telligent’s official launch on cloud-computing platform.

Great job! The migration was smooth. The new site in Telligent looks neat and performs really well. Thanks Team for making it happen…We did not have to move to Joomla or WordPress.

Project Manager, Redmond-based Software Company



The customer was facing a tough time maintaining its community portal, which served as a unique resource for knowledge on training and certification in Microsoft technologies.

The portal was originally developed for Telligent Community 5.6, and the customer was unable to find a professional vendor to customize the portal to meet their specific needs.

A third party that had originally developed the portal, had found it difficult to meet the customization requirements and had moved on leaving the customer unhappy and in dire straits.

Consequently, the customer had started considering migration of the portal to one of the popular open-source content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Kentico, WordPress, or Joomla.


Vidyatech, a technology partner to many global organizations and known for solving the trickiest content technology challenges, put its team of CMS experts on the job. They studied the existing Telligent based portal and the four open source CMS platforms shortlisted by the customer.

After a deep-dive into Telligent and carrying out a cost-benefit analysis, Vidyatech concluded that only a robust CMS with reliable support could meet the customer’s requirements. Vidyatech recommended that the customer continue with Telligent because all their customization requirements could be easily met by a skilled team with experience of such customization in CMS.

Looking at Vidyatech’s decade-long experience in legacy migration and proficiency in content technologies including CMS, LMS, Publishing Systems, and collaboration platforms, the customer entrusted us with the migration of its Training and Certification Community Portal to Telligent’s latest version.

Vidyatech’s expertise in ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server enabled us to customize themes, out-of-the box widgets, and widget extension in Widget Studio. The community portal’s user interface (UI) was made consistent with the customer’s other websites. The entire look and feel of the community portal was enhanced, plug-ins were added, and SEO settings were improved.

We successfully designed and delivered an entirely new portal on Telligent Community 6.0 (the latest version in 2011). Subsequently, we continued to support and maintain the site to keep it in synch with latest online trends, customer’s organizational standards, and Telligent updates.

What we did exceptionally?

No ‘let it go’ attitude: Each migration project or product development has its own share of surprises and challenges. However, the decision to persist with Telligent paid off, as the technical support team was professional and available to figure out solutions and workarounds to resolve issues faced while managing the customer’s portal.

SQL Azure as DB: Our team of experts studied the default script, identified errors, and successfully customized it to use SQL Azure as the database. And thus, we could host the community portal on Azure using Telligent Community 8.5, much before Telligent’s official launch of Azure SQL Database service in Telligent Community 10.0.

Best of REST: Optimally utilized Telligent API infrastructure and particularly the RESTful APIs, to integrate community features to the customer’s other websites.


Looking at our high-quality work, professional approach, and technical expertise, the customer handed over the portal’s maintenance and support to our team.

The portal now functions per the latest parameters and has:

  • Better navigation for Blogs, Forums, Study groups, Wikis, and Galleries
  • Better, customized widgets for enhanced user experience
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-manage features
  • Garnered more hits and higher revenues

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