Customer Success Story

Developing SCORM & AICC Compliance Courses Using Lectora Suite

The exclusive and customized solution facilitated the development of SCORM 1.2, 1.3 and AICC-based courses using Lectora suite. The solution incorporated a template system that allows users to enrich the e-learning by adding Glossary, Index, Notepad, Search, Bookmarks, and other custom navigation elements. It also provides course capabilities like prescriptive learning, progress tracking, and content linking to pre-and post-assessments.

Thanks to all of you for wrapping this up. We have a great product coming out-of- the-box and I look forward to working with you in continuing to build a better e-Learning development tool.

Project Manager, US-based organization



The customer required an effectual Template System that could enable non-technical content developers to create web-based e-learning courses, which conformed to SCORM and AICC standards.

The System was required to be compatible with Lectora, the selected e-learning development tool.

Since there was limited support from Lectora, the Template System was needed to be simple-to-learn and easy-to-use so that effective online trainings and assessments could be created in short timeframe, without requiring any programmers to do code changes.


Vidyatech architected, designed, and deployed the Template System.

The development team thoroughly studied and identified the SCORM 1.2,1.3, and AICC fields, which were available in the third-party learning management system (LMS) and could be customized for the required template system.

The customized system was finely integrated with Lectora and users could directly write course content in Lectora. The tool could automatically add features to enrich the e-learning at run-time.

Later, to enhance the system, pre- and post-assessment related features were integrated and released as Template System 2.0.

Vidyatech maintained and supported the system, as part of sustained engineering services. Throughout the development and deployment lifecycle - usability, functionality, and security were kept in mind.


  • Easy-to-use solution that is available on PC and smoothly integrates with Lectora.
  • Faster adoption and course creation using customized Template system.
  • Compliant with SCORM2, 1.3, and AICC standards.
  • Easy to maintain and scalable as the requirements evolve.
  • Enriched and enhanced e-learnings created to enable developers focus on their core expertise.

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