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Rozgar, a blended learning program from Microsoft India, aimed at helping high school students in preparing for job interviews. Vidyatech, with its expertise in the content development for e-learning and a team of instructional designers, helped Microsoft India design and develop highly interactive models and systems to deliver an engaging course.

The potential candidates can improve their English language and IT skills with this course. Thanks to Vidyatech team for their constant endeavors, support, and understanding. With you, we could make it better. All the best!

Project Manager, Microsoft India



It was observed that several sectors required manpower, but most candidates, especially youth who just completed their schooling or graduation, were not fit to be in the ‘Selected Candidates’ list. The reason?

These potential candidates lacked communication and basic computing skills.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Microsoft India wanted a blended learning program to fill this gap and help improve employability.


An initiative as big as this, required deeper understanding of the root cause that was making it difficult for candidates to learn better. Was it the content or the technology or just the way it was imparted?

Vidyatech studied the target audience and met HR executives of hiring agencies and companies to document the requirements at both ends.

A world-renowned UK-based English Language teaching organization developed the content for the e-learning and classroom material.

To seamlessly deliver the eLearning, we designed and developed a SilverLight based e-learning system.

Our team of experts, including seasoned instructional designers, designed more than a dozen highly interactive audio-visual models to make the course engaging.


  • Contributed to Microsoft India’s vision of better employability.
  • Designed models as per learning objectives for better interaction.
  • Developed and offered the blended program
  • Tried and tested the effectiveness through pre-pilot
  • Trained potential candidates in English language and IT skills.

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