Customer Success Story

DASHMAGIQTM: Secure Connector Software

An integrated solution for India’s leading financial institution to help it prevent data loss through timely reporting and addressing of incidents. DashMagiqTM is a smart solution that is easy to implement and helps in compliance and process efficiency by leveraging the capabilities of existing security products.

Great work, VT Team! It’s like a need-of-the-hour-solution. Data loss prevention, timely monitoring, and remediation, everything together! Thanks for the hard work you put in.

Project Lead



Per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines on Cyber Security Framework that the central bank provided through circular dated June 2, 2016, a robust cybersecurity framework should be put in place to ensure adequate cybersecurity readiness among banks. Under this framework, data leak prevention strategy is among the key management strategies required to make any bank/institution healthy in terms of cybersecurity.

The customer, India’s leading financial institution, was looking for a proactive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution that could curtail incidents through timely monitoring and remediation. Such a solution should help the institution prepare and implement a threat identification and mitigation strategy in the long run.


Vidyatech, a Symantec partner, discussed the compliance requirement and promised to come back with a solution. The Team studied the Symantec products that needed to be integrated to address the business need.

Our certified cybersecurity experts smartly integrated the technical capabilities of Symantec’s selected solutions. Vidyatech designed and developed a product called DashMagiq™ that connects Symantec Altiris ServiceDesk 8.1 and Symantec Data Loss Prevention Solution 14.5.0.

DashMagiqTM, which is our secure connector software, works in the background integrating the customer’s Active Directory (AD), Symantec Altiris ServiceDesk 8.1, and Symantec Data Loss Prevention Solution 14.5.0. Each time an incident is created in DLP, it is automatically created in ServiceDesk. The ServiceDesk incident is then assigned to the user’s manager for perusal and action. On ServiceDesk Dashboard, a manager can view all the incidents assigned to him/her and take timely action(s) to resolve the issues. Role-based Access Control and Item Level Security ensure that only the incident assignee(s) has the access to the incident details.

To ensure adequate control and monitoring, periodic reminders and escalations are triggered. When the incident is resolved in Altiris Service Desk, it is automatically resolved in the DLP. The final comments of the resolving manager are also updated in the DLP incident.


  • Proper tracking of each incident from initiation till closure.
  • Role-based Access Control to minimize any chance of secure data being accessed by unauthorized members.
  • Automated incident reminders and escalations for review and compliance requirements.
  • Distributed Remediation by Managers to make the process faster and accurate.
  • Easy-to-implement and learn for the working staff with little technical know-how.
  • DashMagiqTM, a secure connector software from Vidyatech, has already been adapted to connect other security and infrastructure management products to create unified management consoles.

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