Customer Success Story


An exclusive tool designed to help customer’s employees and Tier-I original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partners search an appropriate domain expert per business requirements and seek his advice for task and project completion. The tool is easily accessible through PC or mobile devices.

I just wanted to take a second and re-iterate what great work you are doing. Things look great so far…great progress for such a short period of time. Thanks for all the effort and the great work! It is appreciated… great work guys!

Senior Product Manager, Seattle-based organization



The customer’s team of mobile OEM works with several mobile partners across the world. The team includes hundreds of experts across hierarchies and domain control. However, the customer’s partners were facing unnecessary prolonged delays in project deliveries, as they were unable to connect to the right domain expert at the right time. And, these operational inefficiencies were causing huge losses.

To improve project coordination, our customer required an effective and efficient solution through which their partners could reach right domain experts at the right time.


Vidyatech, post requirement gathering and analysis, designed a web tool that incorporated service-oriented architecture (SOA) to create the Contact search services. The easy-to-use user interface was designed with a view that the customer’s mobile partners would not like to spend much time in learning the tool’s functioning.

The exclusive tool was integrated with Windows Live ID (Microsoft Account) and hosted on a third-party hosting server. The customer’s partners could use the web tool and search services on desktop or their Windows 6.5 mobile phones.


Smooth project coordination and mutually profitable solution.

  • Synchronized, role-based communication for over 150 in-house and 250 OEM partner experts.
  • Significant reduction in costs with on-time project delivery.
  • 100% elimination of project coordination complexities.

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