Customer Success Story


Network Vulnerability Assessment (VA) of a small business network (50+ nodes), where development team worked on business-critical assignments after remote login and accessed public and private file shares. Identification of vulnerabilities is the first step towards solidity and stability of the IT infrastructure and environment.

I’m happy that now our own network is more secure and stable. Thank you so much, Vidyatech Cyber Security Team!

Project Manager, IT Infra



The network VA was essential to identify the network status and confirm future readiness. No audit had happened since 2008, and it was the high time that the network security was reviewed and improved upon. The development was about to embark on a huge project and the assessment was important to identify gaps in security policies, if any, and gear up.


We studied and defined custom strategy specific to the development team’s environment and needs. We scanned the network using manual techniques and tools and after assessing the network-related challenges, we designed the strategy to avoid downtime or impact on the running projects.

Thereafter, we analyzed results and reviewed - what is critical and why, by eliminating false positives and uncovering false negatives. We performed some extra expert checks before preparing a Vulnerability Assessment Report, which was presented along with recommendations to the stakeholders. Besides crucial fixes, we suggested measures to safeguard personal and professional data.


  • Better equipped network to protect organizational data.
  • Critical security vulnerabilities exposed in time.
  • Adequate policies put in place to address security threats.
  • Identified the need to procure better security tools, including Antivirus.
  • Realized the importance of providing Security Training to internal employees.

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