Customer Success Story


A comprehensive Information Security Assessment drive for Gap Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment conducted with an aim to provide a secure and stable IT environment to a small business organization.

The way, the IT Auditors explained and carried out the auditing process was satisfying. The drive was nicely planned, and the on-going business-related operations didn’t get impacted at all… Good job! I’d recommend your services to any organization that wants to secure their IT environment.

Project Lead & Vice President (IT)



It was essential to assess and analyze the organization’s network security posture, find the existing and potential vulnerabilities in various systems, and determine the fixes required to patch the vulnerabilities, if any.

An extension to the goal was to recommend enhancements in security practices and policies to comply with the latest industry standards and safeguard against emerging security threats.


Vidyatech’s cybersecurity team briefed the key stakeholders about the modus-operandi to be followed for the IT Audit and Security Assessment drive.

The audit covered the physical inspection of the premises as well as review of the IT policies to determine if there were any security gaps or flaws. All the servers, network devices, and desktops were checked for vulnerabilities.

As part of the audit, our team of experts scanned and audited the IT infrastructure to identify the existing security vulnerabilities and their severity and impact on the organizational security.

The cybersecurity experts and auditors recommended appropriate corrective and preventive actions to patch vulnerabilities identified during the audit process.


A successful IT Audit and Security Assessment drive.

  • Identified, analyzed, and evaluated risks
  • Reported vulnerabilities and associated risks
  • Prepared advanced roadmap for secure IT infrastructure
  • Advised immediate and urgent actions required to improve the network security

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