Customer Success Story

Innovative Integration Leads to Easier SharePoint Adoption

Users reluctant to use intranet SharePoint sites get an innovative solution. They can seamlessly work from their favorite desktop application – Outlook and update the task completion and project status for their managers, who need data to review their subordinates’ performance and work progress.

This is great! I never thought we could use a basic tool like Outlook as an input terminal for SharePoint. Now, I don’t need to spend hours and sometimes days to create up-to-date detailed status reports for Management Reviews. Thanks.

Vice President, Human Resources & Marketing



The customer had multiple offices at various locations and their teams collaborated remotely on projects.

The managers wanted the latest data on effort spending, budget, and micro task completion to update and review the project status for the top management’s perusal. Though they decided on SharePoint platform, they were unsure as well as concerned if their subordinates would use it daily. Moreover, it was extremely important to ensure the accuracy of data.

Many times, the employees worked at clients’ sites or remote locations, and connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) to update project data was difficult from there.

Thus, it was essential to design a user-friendly solution that could make the entire process of recording minutes, logging requirements, and tracking efforts easier.


After requirement gathering and analysis, Vidyatech’s SharePoint Development Team figured out an innovative solution.

It was found that all employees were always on Microsoft Outlook, irrespective of their location. Thus, our team decided to create an Outlook-based UI for the SharePoint application. Through this, the employees could easily provide status and get updates about projects within Outlook.

We created custom Outlook forms to simplify time tracking and project status reporting as well as a host of other activities, such as Requirement Definition, Meeting Minutes Recording, Employee Appraisal, and Project Resource Loading, among others.

The VPN was not required to work from remote areas. Internet connection was sufficient for emails to function.


Outlook became the one-stop-application for all operations to work.

  • 90% reduction in training time
  • Better reporting
  • Status updates by day-end
  • Easy to fetch reports
  • Improved productivity

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