Customer Success Story


A content publishing tool that assisted customer’s Site Managers in seamlessly publishing content to their popular online knowledge base, which is explored by developers, forums, and end-user communities across the globe.

The tool was in critical need of attention, with abundance of user concerns. Vidyatech was tasked with the job of taking over the software, supporting the users, listening to their needs and enhancing the features of the tool accordingly. They were amazingly flexible and efficient, and have done an admirable job with this tool. They are now in the third year of providing sustained engineering services for the tool which is now being used by hundreds of users. Their skills and responsiveness have been first rate.

Project Manager, Seattle-based organization.



The customer had a popular online knowledge base that was used by developers and end-user communities worldwide. However, the customer was facing huge problems in publishing content to the online platform, as the tool that enabled the content publishing was working inefficiently.

The team that developed the tool had already moved on, and for a long time, there had been insufficient bug fixing and updates to enhance the product. Even the tool’s basic version was not functioning appropriately to meet user requirements.

These operational inefficiencies were leading to user dissatisfaction and less productivity.


In no time, Vidyatech understood the customer’s requirements and undertook the development of the content publishing tool. Our team of experts carefully resolved the open issues, fixed existing bugs, and provided functional updates, while supporting existing users.

For better usability, we designed and implemented productivity features, such as bulk operations and link checker. We aligned releases to monthly platform releases, and provided 3-tier support for the tool, from the stages of development and testing to implementation.

We also created product help guide and consolidated information from Wiki and Tool Forums. For over a decade, we maintained and supported the tool as part of our sustained engineering services to the customer.


A basic content publishing tool has attained the level of excellence.

  • 8-fold increase in user base.
  • 100% improvement in productivity level.
  • Better user experience.
  • Smooth content publishing.

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