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Artificial Intelligence and
Business Intelligence

Analyzing big data the new way

Machine Learning, Speech & Text Analysis,
Knowledge Management, Face Recognition

It is now well established that BI works best when AI powers it. Big data is becoming bigger and bigger every second. There is an acute shortage of data analysts who can analyze big data fast enough and provide timely business intelligence to decision makers. This is where Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing comes into play.

Vidyatech has always been a pioneer in deploying cutting edge technologies to solve business problems:

Cloud Computing
Machine Learning for Resume Parser

Vidyatech developed a product that uses Machine Learning to analyze large volumes of resumes and provide BI to HR professionals.

Speech Analysis for Language Learning

Vidyatech developed innovative Speech Analyzer for an eLearning product that teaches spoken English and is sold in more than 25 countries.

ProofGuruSM with Text Analysis for Content Editing

Vidyatech developed many solutions that used text analysis. ProofGuru is one such product that is used to automatically edit documents and ensure compliance to the organization’s content standards.

BotMagiq for Knowledge Management

A chat bot that enables efficient Knowledge Management within your organization. It assists users in finding digital assets or information they are searching for. BotMagiq searches the organization's asset repositories on LAN and Cloud. It learns by itself and can also be trained.

Face Recognition for Smarter Interaction

A product that uses Face Recognition to identify people and simplify transactions based on prior knowledge about the person.