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Internet of Things (IoT)

Embedded electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity

IoTThe recent developments in IoT has made it much simpler to build innovative IoT solutions for unique business problems of a number of industry sectors. IoT advancement is a boon to Vidyatech which right from its inception has been developing out-of-the-box solutions for its customers using a variety of technologies and devices in unconventional ways to deliver effective results.

IoT allows smart physical objects (“things”) to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure enabling direct integration of the physical world with the computer-based systems.

IoT solutions use “things” that exchange data with other “things” and computer systems over the internet or local network to provide information and control of the physical environment in a way that was not possible earlier. IoT solutions are now cost effective largely due to the availability of inexpensive programmable smart devices, short and long range wireless technologies, wireless data exchange protocols, sensors, and actuators.

IoT Solutions Developed by Vidyatech

Automated Camera for Web Meeting:
This camera when connected to a Web Meeting automatically pans and zooms on to the speaker at a conference table. The solutions use special microphones and advanced algorithm to determine who is speaking and whether to focus on a specific person or zoom out when multiple people speak. Conference participants at the other end of the meeting are able to control the camera remotely as well. The technology uses WiFi and BLE technologies.

Retail Store Manpower Utilization Tracking System: This system uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to track human resource movement and patterns in a retail store over short and long runs to improve business efficiency. The data is tracked and uploaded to the cloud where a variety of BI reports are generated for the retail business. Advanced algorithms analyze the human movement patterns to determine actual presence, under staffed areas, over staffed areas, and many other critical information that enable the business to improve efficiency.

Automatic Drip Watering System:
This system includes a controller that is connected to the Internet and sensors (moisture, photo, etc.) to determine the frequency and amount of water to be released to irrigate plants. The information is available to the users on their computers and smartphones. If the water supply is not available due to any reason, user is alerted.