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Development, Integration, Migration

SharePointSharePoint addresses many of the typical organizational challenges through innovative collaboration, efficient workflows, effective search, comprehensive reporting, and smooth integration with desktop and mobile solutions. The success of a SharePoint application development project depends largely on the robustness, extensibility, and maintainability of the application architecture. Similarly, the success of a SharePoint application rollout and user adoption depends heavily on how seamlessly it is integrated with desktop and mobile applications the users regularly use in their jobs.

Vidyatech’s SharePoint Development team is experienced in building custom applications for Government and Enterprise customers. Its long proven skills and experience of integrating Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. with custom SharePoint applications makes rollout and user adoption smooth.

Vidyatech’s experience in developing innovative apps for Windows, Android, and iOS mobile platforms is advantageous in building modern applications that need to be accessed using a variety of devices. Our experienced architects are skilled at understanding your unique technical and line of business requirements and recommend application design and deployment strategies that are appropriate for your organizational infrastructure and culture.

Our Methodology

Requirements Gathering

Architectural Planning

Other System Integration Planning

Security Risk Analysis

Security Schemas

SharePoint Configuration

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Custom Development

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OpzLook is a one-stop project operations monitoring and control solution that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

Typically most professionals, especially enterprise employees, are always on Outlook checking emails. OpzLook, an innovative Outlook add-in, makes it possible to perform a number of Project Operations Monitoring and Control tasks right from Outlook. Enter or fetch critical operations data right from Outlook whether you are inside or outside your office premises.

OpzLook is a convenient tool designed for all roles – team members as well as managers.

  • Record: As a team member, your work data is extremely vital – for you and the business.
    OpzLook makes it easy for you to track effort, document requirements, create minutes of meetings, submit appraisal forms, and so on. You do all this right from your Microsoft Outlook.
  • Monitor: As a manager, you want to be on top of everything.
    OpzLook provides instant access and alerts on progress of projects and performance of resources. You get customizable reports in your choice of view enabling you to take timely corrective or preventive actions.
  • Review: As a manager, you also want to have the flexibility to decide what to review and when.
    OpzLook reports prepare data and reports, you need for your review. Reports can be of a specific project, person, team, month, tasks, performance, or just the big picture.