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Innovative Content Life-cycle Management

Cloud-based SaaS Products

  • QuizmagiQ Online Testing System
  • VidyaPulse Online Polling System
  • ProofGuru Online Proofreading System

  • QuizmagiQ Online Testing System: A one-stop hosted solution for Summative Test, Formative Test, Mock Test, Practice Test, Recruitment Test, Employee Assessment, Recreational Quizzing, and more.
  • VidyaPulse Online Polling System: A polling system that enables you to "take the pulse" (figuratively speaking) of your audience during your corporate presentation, seminar, or training.
  • ProofGuru Online Proofreading System: An automatic proofing tool that checks your document to identify all instances of non-compliance with your chosen set of standards.

Enterprise Content Systems

  • VidyaMagic™ Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management System
  • Workflow Management System

  • VidyaMagic™ Content Management: A complete learning and content management system using which you can perform content structuring, content writing, content editing and proofreading, content publishing and content binding etc.
  • Digital Asset Management System: It helps you organize and manage the digital resources for your projects, regardless of the file type (content files, graphic files, and audio-visual files) by storing them in a centralized database with complete versioning and historical information.
  • Workflow Management System: An enterprise system that enables you to collaborate and automate your business processes.

Mobile Device Apps

  • Video Adventure
  • PhysicsVidya
  • QuizMagic app

  • Video Adventure: Video Adventure is a parent inspired application providing young children with a curated list of videos available on YouTube.
  • PhysicsVidya: PhysicsVidya series is aimed at teaching Mechanics which has proved to be an Achilles' heel for many a brilliant student.
  • QuizMagic app: An app that has more than 100 quizzes (with 5000 questions) on various topics for kids and adults to learn and have fun.

Success Stories

Blended Learning

Successful implementation and release to state schools in India.

Book Publishing

Designed & developed for kindergarten to 8th grade for print and online.

Mobile Apps

Application to search contacts related to Windows Mobile phones.



Cost-effective and result-oriented Software Development and Software Testing services.

Software Service

Software Development

  • Rapid prototyping
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions
  • SharePoint Solutions
  • Automation

Maintenance & Customization

  • 3rd Party/Proprietary Software
  • Open source applications
  • Independent products

Localization & Migration

  • Localization engineering
  • Digital asset migration

Content Technology Service

Content Process Automation

  • Automate content development and publishing.
  • Automate content QA
  • Automate reuse to leverage content across a variety of devices.

3rd Party Content Platform

  • Customize and extend your Content Platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.
  • Use automation to efficiently migrate your content assets to the new platform.

SharePoint Customization

  • Implement your business processes in SharePoint
  • Quicken user adoption with custom integration of Office
  • Custom integrate with other business applications

Success Stories

Data Analysis Software

Web application to analyze data captured from digital campaigns.

Knowledge Base Migration

Thousands of articles migrated from legacy platform to emerging platform.

Sustained Engineering

Application to publish content to online knowledge base.



What our clients say about us
  • They absolutely rock. From PM to dev to test, their work is quality, they are not afraid to ask questions and insist on answers...

    Microsoft, Redmond, USA
    Microsoft, Redmond, USA
  • Thanks to all of you for wrapping this up. We have a great product coming out of the box and I look forward to ...

    CA Inc., USA
    CA Inc., USA
  • VidyaMagic has helped us manage our entire process of creating instruction manuals for school teachers...

    iDiscoveri, India
    iDiscoveri, Gurgaon, India
  • I wanted to say thank you to everyone (Sandy, Prabish, Mike, Christian) for their enormous effort over the last several days...

    Pierce County, Washington State, USA
    Pierce County, Washington State, USA
  • I want to say again V3 is AWESOME the changes you have implemented for us make a big difference...

    Microsoft, Redmond, USA
    Microsoft, Redmond, USA


Committed, Skilled, Experienced and Customer Focused
Krishna K. Bhardwaj
Chief Executive Officer

Krishna K Bhardwaj (KK or Krishna) has over 32 years of experience in the areas of software technology, knowledge management, learning methodologies, training design and development.

Prabish Chandran
Exec. VP, Customer Engineering

Prabish Chandran has 25 years of experience in content technology research, design, development. He spearheads the development, communication, and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes.

Satish Govind
Exec. VP, Corporate Resources

Satish Govind has over 29 years of experience that spans across Human Resources Management, Finance and Accounts, Materials Management, Legal and Commercial, and General Administration.

Suren S. Raisally
Exec. VP, Business Dev & Alliances

Suren S. Raisally has over 25 years of experience in the Business Management, Information Technology, Training, Venture Development, Innovation Management and Intellectual Property.

Rajshree Sharma
Exec. VP, Customer Engagement

Rajshree Sharma has nearly 20 years of Program Management experience with a proven track record of effectively converting the business requirements into software.


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