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Opportunities @vidyatech

Your talent, skills, and attitude of excellence are the factors that determine your growth trajectory at Vidyatech.

Almost a flat structure, no politics, no silos… a culture that promotes openness, excellence, and thought leadership. If this is what you dreamt of as an ideal workplace, then read on and see how you can be part of the close-knit Vidyatech family. We are located in Noida and Kochi in India, Redmond and Newcastle in USA, and Singapore.

At Vidyatech, we are unconventional in many ways.

For us:

  • Demonstrable skills come before certificates and labels.
  • Ability to lead and take responsibility is valued higher than the count of years.
  • Employees come first… and for our employees, customers come first.

Vidyatechies Speak

11 years at Vidyatech. Wow! An exciting, challenging and remarkable professional journey. The company gives you hassle-free & pleasant work environment and ample opportunities to grow.

Flexible working hours, caring colleagues and supportive management, what else one can ask for at a workplace. The suggestions and opinions of employees are given due respect and importance. Tried and Tested, Fully Hands-on. Proud to be Vidyatechie.

Birendra K. Mishra, Project Manager (Software Development)

I have been working here for more than 10 years. The association with Vidyatech has contributed enormously to my professional and personal growth. Vidyatech instills in its employees the highest level of corporate values and a culture of ethics. It is a great place to work for creative minds and provides ample knowledge management opportunities. Appreciation from all levels motivate you to achieve more.

Durgesh Uniyal, Manager (IT Infra)

I love Vidyatech, a place where you are constantly challenged to be better than perfect. I enjoy working here. Vidyatech gives you the attention you deserve and always treats you like family. My seven years’ journey here has been the best period of my career. Innumerable opportunities are here if you’re ready for a challenge.

Vikas Dagar, Assistant Manager (Software Development)

A great place for young and creative minds. Here, you get a positive work environment to apply your skills and knowledge freely. You are never treated an intern or trainee or junior or senior. You are a professional here.

I am completing my tenth year in Vidyatech and grateful to management for giving me the opportunity and support to grow and enhance my skills.

Arpit Jain, Project Manager (Software Development)

It’s been a wonderful professional journey of eight years with Vidyatech. I started as an intern and now working as Project Manager.

It is inspiring to work here as Vidyatech encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement. I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors. Proud to be part of Vidyatech family.

Shubham Bahuguna, Project Manager (Software Development)

More than seven years with Vidyatech, and the experience has been extremely nice. The Vidyatech allows me to maintain a healthy work-life balance that I really need, being a working mom. The management and my co-workers have always been supportive, and I really thank them for their co-operation.

Happy and proud to be part of Vidyatech family!

Nupur Agarwal, Project Manager (Software Testing)

I started my career as an intern with Vidyatech in August 2015. Since then, there’s been no dearth of opportunities. Thanks to Vidyatech, I got the chance to learn different types of testing. In a short span of three years, I have gained expertise in Automation testing, Responsive Testing, and uniquely Accessibility testing. The policies are employee friendly and I love the parties that are thrown every now and then.

Raushan Pandey, Senior Executive (Software Testing)

Vidyatech offers a growth-oriented environment that aims at empowering workforce for new challenges every day. Going to celebrate my third work anniversary here… it feels great to work with such a skilled team.

Varsha, Executive (Software Development)

Vidyatech is the most appropriate workplace for professional and personal development. I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. Great skills and atmosphere around. Just love it.

Amaldev, Executive (Software Development)

Part of a great team that designs and delivers high-quality solutions. Vidyatech is a great place to work. Great exposure to learn new skills and technologies, with motivating work environment. Two years here and I’m enjoying every bit.

Nisha, Executive (Software Development)

Current Open Positions

Following are the positions currently open in Vidyatech:

Junior Developer

Location: Noida & Kochi India

Experience: Zero experience

Skills: Must have excellent Programming Aptitude and good knowledge of any Object-Oriented Programming language.


Junior Developer

Location: Noida & Kochi India

Experience: Up to 2-years

Skills: Must have excellent skills in Web Application development with .NET or PHP.


Junior Developer

Location: Noida & Kochi India

Experience: 2-5 years

Skills: Must have the experience of developing software using one or more of the following technologies: .NET, PHP, R, Android/iOS, Azure.


Placement Partnership

If you are an educational institute, a job consultant, or a placement agency, you can explore the following models of partnership.