Our customers experienced:

600% Increase

Publishing Masters

Automatic formatting and publishing of master copy
enables creation of 600% more books in same time

100% Recovered

Learning Asset Trapped in Legacy

Valuable learning products rescued from unsupported,
non-standard, legacy CBT authoring system

100% Support

Abandoned Unsupported Platform

Takeover and maintenance of abandoned
unsupported content platform

78% Reduction

Online Library Migration Time

Less than a quarter of time specified in RFP taken
for migration of vast library to proprietary platform

Leveraging your investment in Learning Technology, we provide solutions for the trickiest content problems.
Learning Systems

We customize, integrate, and support third-party platforms so your tech investment deliver what you expect.

Learning Systems

Our out-of-box solutions help you pick any LMS/CMS and customize it to your requirements.

Learning Systems

We migrate your digital content at crossroads of legacy platforms to newer managed platforms.

Learning Systems

We transform your existing content to meet the global compliance requirements of accessibility and inclusivity.

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QuizMagiq™ Assessment System

You need to quickly test employees or walk-in candidates with a robust assessment engine on the Cloud.

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VidyaMagic™ LMS

You need custom cloud LMS with tight deadlines, you need a vendor that owns the LMS and its code and can support it.

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All Things LMS

You don’t have an LMS, or are unhappy with your LMS, or want to take your on-prem LMS to the Cloud; we can help you with anything you need to do with any LMS.

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Content Transformation, Migration and Localization

You have content but you desire it in newer forms such as eLearning, highly responsive, and on different devices.

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Custom Software Development & Sustained Engineering

You need custom software developed, maintained, or supported or migrated to cloud.

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Absorb Implementation & Support

You are buying Absorb LMS and need assurance on seamless migration, implementation, and support.

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SharePoint Application Development

You need SharePoint Applications built, with secure content and governance, and migrate users and content.

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Migration of Applications to Cloud

You have legacy learning and content applications, which you want to migrate to the cloud.

Make learning paths smoother and learning easier

Some typical problems we have solved for our clients

Seamless LMS Migration and User-Centric Solutions

A renowned global leader in technology and automation sought the expertise of Vidyatech to seamlessly migrate content from their existing Learning Management System (LMS) to Absorb. With meticulous attention to detail, Vidyatech successfully migrated over 1000 courses. Since the company was predominantly based in Europe, the focus was on maintaining operational efficiency and connectivity while catering to a diverse user base, particularly in the US market. For this, we developed separate, user-centric dashboards for users in Europe and the US. Furthermore, Vidyatech updated the curriculum comprehensively, augmenting it with over 500 new courses. We also implemented automatic enrolment and self-enrolment rules, so that users could easily and directly enroll in the courses. Throughout the migration process Vidyatech assisted the company, including in the creation and implementation of tags associated with the curriculum for streamlined navigation.

Enhancing Learning Management & Workflow Efficiency

A prominent online education solutions provider collaborated with Vidyatech to optimize their Learning Management System (LMS) powered by Absorb. The company partnered with Vidyatech to develop Automated Survey Email Service, a bespoke Windows Service which automated the process of collecting feedback from learners at fixed intervals post-course completion. In addition, Vidyatech designed a custom Question Import Tool empowering them to seamlessly import questions from spreadsheets into Absorb LMS. Furthermore, to enhance user experience and streamline operational workflows, Vidyatech developed a Middleware Integration solution which acted as a bridge between the company’s existing LMS and Absorb, effortlessly handling user authentication, department creation, and course enrolment. We also delivered a custom application for QuickBooks Online Integration which assisted seamless connectivity between QuickBooks Online and Absorb accounts and enabled accurate invoice generation, data management and integration of a robust database which truly transformed the user experience.

Elevating LMS Transition and Global Engagement

A frontrunner in radiological innovation entrusted Vidyatech with the pivotal task of transitioning from their legacy LMS to Absorb. Through a collaborative approach, Vidyatech meticulously migrated all components, including courses, departments, users, and dashboards, ensuring a seamless transition. To cater to the diverse needs of the company’s global footprint, Vidyatech designed custom certificates adhering to their specific branding guidelines and tailored email templates for diverse content purposes. In response to regional requirements, Vidyatech customized a dedicated dashboard and login page for the US, Mexico and Canada arm of the company, complemented by personalized user feeds. We also custom-built Certificates and Email notifications to meet their specific requirements. Furthermore, Vidyatech conducted consistent Knowledge Transfer sessions to empower their team with the necessary expertise to navigate and manage the new configurations, guaranteeing a smooth and successful transition process.

Custom Solutions for Enhanced User Experience

A well-known Neuro-literacy firm in the US faced challenges in delivering their content to their learners, they were using multiple content delivery apps and did not have a centralized platform which their users can visit to become neuro literate and access their apps. They moved to Absorb LMS to host their content and require a platform which could act as a face for Absorb LMS and other web apps.

Vidyatech addressed their issues by developing a custom platform to serve as a ‘front-end web-based platform’ for their content hosted on Absorb LMS through Absorb Infuse API’s and their other proprietary web apps. This allowed users to access and complete courses hosted on Absorb LMS directly from their personalized dashboard. The custom platform fulfilled and facilitated unique needs, such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Course Catalogue integration, and the tracking of Course completion.

Collaborating and taking feedback from our client in every step of the development process, Vidyatech made sure that the website not only enhanced user experience and increased its efficiency, but also streamlined learning management while seamlessly integrating with Absorb.

Custom LMS & CMS Integration

A county health department wanted to upgrade their existing legacy systems with new custom-built Web portal, eLearning environment, and LMS in the cloud. These new systems needed to be orchestrated in a way to enable easy and seamless management by their in-house team.

Vidyatech customized the open-source CMS the County’s IT team selected and integrated it with the other systems.

Migrate On-premises Learning Platform to Cloud

An English Language training product company found its sales falling rapidly because their on-premise solution was no match for the cloud solutions being provided by competition. Converting their legacy on-premise solution to cloud seemed like a daunting task because hundreds of hours of multimedia content needed to be delivered in a new way with new licensing methods and technical support structure.

Vidyatech used a combination of clever reverse-engineering and automation to transform the product to a modern cloud solution. A new product licensing method was developed along with a maintenance and technical support process appropriate for the new cloud delivery model.

Content Migration to New Platform

A global software giant wanted to use a new platform for their online knowledgebase that had hundreds of thousands of articles. The process of moving the content to the new platform was daunting and estimated by them to be almost a year-long task.

Vidyatech studied the platforms, created custom automation to speed up the conversion and QA processes, and completed the project in less than two months at a cost far lower than what they anticipated.

Unsupported Publishing System Takeover

A global software giant was using a proprietary online publishing system to update and publish articles to its proprietary online knowledge platform. The developers of the system were long gone. It was unable to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of online publishing trends, standards, and user expectations. Users worldwide were unhappy.

Vidyatech’s content technology experts took over the scantily documented system to initially maintain and then enhance the system’s capabilities. Negative sentiments of the users were gradually turned around to positive sentiments, so much so that instead of retiring the system in a year as originally planned, the customer continued to use the system maintained by Vidyatech for next eight years.

Modernizing Legacy CD-ROM-based CBT Titles

The customer had a highly interactive computer-based training (CBT) on spoken English. The CDs of the CBT were distributed in schools across the United States and Latin America. Though the course was effective, the format was obsolete and they were losing customers to newer Web-based interactive eLearning products. Moreover, it was getting difficult to recruit and retain skilled programmers in the legacy authoring system used for the product. Dependence on CD-ROM-based physical delivery and deployment was causing huge deployment and support cost in addition to delivering a sub-standard user experience. Vidyatech analyzed the CBT and architected a centrally managed web-based e-learning platform that provided learner management, eLearning course delivery, learning plan management, product license management, and detailed reporting. All CBT titles were modernized. Vidyatech also automated the process of developing and publishing interactive multimedia content for new titles. As a result, customer’s business, which was steadily falling, bounced back and they were able to sell off the business to one of the largest content publishers in the world.

Automatic Publishing of Over 150 Books in Record Time

The customer wanted to design an exclusive world class teaching product using inputs from the best teaching faculty available. However, it was a challenging and complex task to manage the entire process of creating hundreds of curriculum manuals and publish them simultaneously in print and online formats. A manual of consistent quality, with hundreds of pages, needed to be produced each day. Keeping the limitations of non-tech-savvy teachers in mind, Vidyatech designed a system of easy templates for the teachers which were classy and professional in design. Vidyatech’s PublishMagiqTM was customized for efficient content development and automatic publishing of books in a secure and encrypted format. The customer could easily repurpose the content and publish the manuals as online product as well. Vidyatech also designed and developed a custom browser for securing the online content. Overall, an improvement of 600% in productivity was reported by the customer.

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