Today organizations must invest in cybersecurity systems such as Firewalls, Endpoint Security, Data Loss Prevention, Incident Management, Workflow, and so on...

Integrating these systems for ease of management is a promise rarely fulfilled, even if you have a single vendor.

Vidyatech specializes in improving efficiency by automating and customizing your cybersecurity management processes.

Internet and World Wide Web have transformed the world beyond belief. Today, the tiniest of businesses can reach a customer anywhere in the world. At the same time, a large business can cost-effectively address the needs of an individual customer. Websites, Portals, eCommerce, email, and Video Conferencing have enabled businesses to deliver the best experience to their customers while improving internal efficiency and productivity.

While Internet has undisputed benefits, cyber threats are an unfortunate reality that taints them. To defend itself, every organization must invest in appropriate cybersecurity systems such as Firewalls, End Point Security, Network Security, Data Loss Prevention Systems, Identity Management Systems, Workflows, Incident Management, Ticketing, and so on.

Integrating the wide variety of cybersecurity systems for ease of management is a promise from cybersecurity vendors that is rarely delivered; sometimes even when you have a single vendor, which is rare if not impossible. If integrating cybersecurity systems in way that makes sense for your organization is a problem you are facing, then Vidyatech can help you. In our Cybersecurity practice, we specialize in helping customers improve efficiency by automating and customizing their cybersecurity monitoring and management processes.

Some typical problems we have solved for our clients

Solution to Run Ransomware Drills

A large BPO wanted to run surprise drills to check their employees’ levels of alertness against the ransomware attacks.

Vidyatech provided a simulator that simulated a ransomware attack for 5-10 seconds and only then unfroze the victim’s computer.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Integrating Cybersecurity Products with Ticketing Systems

A large enterprise refused to buy a Cybersecurity product unless it could be integrated with their existing ticketing system for incident handling workflow.

Our proprietary solution DashMagiq™ reduces cost of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) incident remediation and increases effectiveness, leveraging the capabilities of DLP and ticketing tools to view and resolve incidents quickly. Learn More

Automatically Triaging Incident Alerts

A large bank implemented a Data Loss Prevention system. The system produced very large number of incidents that made it difficult for the Cybersecurity team to handle.

Vidyatech worked with the IT team to provide a solution to automatically distribute the incidents to the departments where the incidents originated. The stakeholders in these departments could resolve or escalate it to next level. This solution made it possible for the organization to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Extending the Patch Management Capability

A large enterprise customer demanded that the Patch Management Product of a Cybersecurity company handle their Ubuntu and Debian systems as well.

Vidyatech developed an extension software that worked with the Patch Management product to support Ubuntu and Debian systems in the network.


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